Video Recorder & Streaming



key feature

-direct transcoding from cable feeds

-support MPEG-4 and H.264

-real-time encoding and recording

-multi-format stream transcoding

-unicast, multicast, multiple, unicast, TS, UDP, MPEG          

-DASH,RTMP SRT/M2TS (Secure Reliable Transport) support

-web-based remote management

-video on demand and local recording .mp4 file

-compatible with WOWZA streaming server

-Security web interface(HTTPS) support

-Live Preview

-Video Playback

-start/pause/stop recording control with API  

-Support API to integrate with other devices by TCP/IP

-Support streaming server RTMP, RTSP

-Multimedia recording video and audio device


Video on demand system & Management

key feature

-install on both virtual machine & physical machine

-media library - create category & subcategory

-media data and keyword for searching

-internal video transcoder – convert to standard h.264 format to support multiple devices

-YouTube API

-API to integrate with third party calendar and time table system

-playlist support

-search from keyword & date/time

-playback control play/pause/stop/seek/skip

-video download support

-auto create thumbnail

-rating/vote/post message support

-ticker text support

-user access level & authentication control

-customized theme

-LDAP interface

-Support cloud architecture to provide service over internet

-usage reports

-Live Streaming on web portal

-Email notification

-Playback video on web portal

-Support video encoder




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