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Professional Video Wall Processor





       Apollo Pro is the latest multi-function video wall processor developed by Tricolor. Utilizing FPGA and PCI-Eharware-based architecture as well as modular design, Apollo Pro possesses stable and reliable operation ability, at the same time o ers personalized customization o event functionality modular slots, along with the convenience for future upgrading. The new generation Apollo Pro supports signal preview and monitoring, audio-visual synchronized switching, scrolling caption, classification management, and Real Control (PC signal operation) function, a breakthrough technology in which it enables users to control output signals within the video wall with OSD mouse. It is compatible with various types of control interfaces, which makes the system exceptionally user-friendly.

        Apollo Pro is tailored for intelligent control centers and can be widely used in the police station, traffic control, power station, television, and broadcasting, bank, exhibition, education, etc. Tricolor fills the gap between video control and display and brings a marvelous video wall processor with an extraordinary management solution.



4K Resolution

       Supports 4K ultra-high-resolution input and output video, with P2P (Pixel to Pixel) displaying quality. The system also supports any LCD, DLP, and LED video display.


Multi-function Slots

        Selections of cards are provided upon user request. Input card, output card, and control card can be inserted and work in any card slot, which makes maintenance, repair, and update.



       RealControl is a breakthrough technology that allows users to control signals directly within the video wall. Video wall management has never been simpler. It is also compatible with any Operating System.


Scrolling Caption

        Built-in HD scrolling caption function. Users can customize the content, direction, speed, and style of the scrolling caption without installing any hardware or software.


Multi-user and authorization

       Supports multi-user simultaneous operation and real-time synchronization. The user authorization can be detailed divided into screen groups, signals, and different user-defined groups.


A/V Sync Switch

        Apollo Pro supports any type of analog/embed audio input and output. It can help users to manage audio and video signals to be synchronized.


Syncronization Technology

       With Tricolor's patented video wall synchronization and frame lock technology, Apollo Pro ensures all output signals are in perfect synchronization. No matter the display unit is LCD, LED, DLP, or any other type, Apollo Pro can process the video signal with zero delays.


On Screen Mouse Control

        The video display can be operated within the video wall using the mouse as if operating a giant desktop. Users can open/close, resize, move all input signal windows with a screen mouse instead of controlling software.


Multi-group Video Wall Management

       Apollo Pro can manage up to four video wall groups with different selectable resolutions at the same time. It helps users to control more display areas with one single unit. All input signals can be shared and deployed.


Labeling function

       Video Wall real-time labeling with OSD mouse. With the Apollo Pro OSD mouse, the user can easily mark onto the Video wall with text, labels, lines, etc. Simple operation, a convenient display that makes information sharing easy and quick.


Video Wall Banner

       Users can adjust the font, background color, size, and position of the video wall banner. Also, support TIME/- DATE/WEATHER display.


Pre-editing Function

       The pre-editing function allows users to edit the video wall layer offline. The layout would not change until apply.


IP stream media

       The device supports H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC hard decoding. It is able to work with various IPC brands and encoders audio de-embedding for high definition network video display on the screen and audio synchronization output is also supported.


Preset Function

        Apollo Pro allows up to 128 presets stored within the system. These preset layouts can be easily accessed by a user management system which helps the video wall layout process to be quicker and smarter.


Video Wall Monitoring

        This function provides the operator with a 60fps real-time high-resolution video signal for previewing and monitoring of the video wall through HDMI or IP Stream, which brings a better video management experience.

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