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Creative Processor

  • One 4K UHD HDMI Input

  • Four HD HDMI Outputs

  • 90° Increment Image Rotation

  • Aspect Ratio Adaption

  • Flexible Displays Layout

  • 3.5 mm Analog Audio Output

  • Infinite Device Cascading

  • Easy Firmware Update

Product Features


4K Ultra HD

        SmartKake V2 allows one 4K UHD video signal input to up to four HD 1080p outputs. This astonishing resolution and the bezel compensation function bring a spectacular visual experience to every user and viewer.

Flexible Layout

        Each output of SmartKake can be rotated 90°, 180°,270° individually, which breaks the traditional MxN video wall layout. With SmartKake, you can design your multi-display system more creatively with a mix of landscape and portrait monitors. The friendly management software of SmartKake will assist you to create the layout with easy and simple steps.

Device Cascading

        Multiple SmartKakes can be used together as a cascading system, which supports video walls of more than 4 monitors and allows the input resolution reaches much higher than 4K. Meanwhile, cascading provides frame locking between devices which ensures the perfect synchronization of video wall performance.

Dual Port Network Connectivity

        SmartKake V2 is equipped with a dual Ethernet port to allow users to have a better connection and management of multi-devices. Only one SmartKake is required to be physically connected to LAN, and other SmartKakes can cascade using second ethernet port by daisy chain.


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