HD ConferenceCamera



        TDC series cameras have complete functions, rich interfaces, and excellent performance. They use advanced ISP processing technology and algorithms to provide automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure (AE), and dynamic focus (AF) function, fully automatically adapt to the environment, to achieve a perfect three-in-one image automatic adjustment, making the image effect is vivid and lifelike, the picture brightness is uniform, the light color level is strong, the definition is high, the color. The color reducibility is good.


Ultra-clear Image Quality

        Using a high-quality CMOS image sensor, image quality up to 3840x2160@60fps.

Mute Head

        Using high-precision stepping motor and precision motor drive controller to ensure the static movement of the pan/tilt with no noise.

Multiple Presets

        Support preset saving and recall, up to 255 preset positions can be set according to user's application scenarios.

Image Automatic Adjustment

        Provide automatic white balance (AWB), automatic exposure (AE), automatic focus (AF), can automatically adapt to the environment to achieve automatic adjustment of the trinity image.

Exposure Dynamic Control

        Dynamic exposure control algorithm based on human eye model can make picture exposure more uniform and level feel stronger.

High Signal To Noise Ratio

        The use of CMOS sensor effectively guarantees the SNR, and the advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology further reduces noise.

Wide-angle Lens Algorithm

        With 12x, 20x, 30x and other optical zoom lens options, the lens has a 72.5° distortion-free wide viewing angle.

High Precision PTZ Control

       Equipped with high-precision gimbal, providing industry-leading ±0.1 degree gimbal control, fast-moving

Low Power Sleep

        Support low-power sleep/wake up, the power consumption is less than 500mW during sleep.

Multiple control protocols

        Support VISCA, PELCO-D, PELCO-P protocol, support automatic identification protocol.

Rich and lossless HD output

       Support HDMI, SDI, LAN, and other high-definition lossless video output interfaces.

Various Compression Standards

       Support H.265/H.264 video compression and AAC, MP3, G.711A audio compression.