all-in-one LED solution 163" 4K


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        Superior robust. Effectively reduce LED malfunction, Reliable and on-site maintenance workable.

Excellent display effect. Ultra-high contrast, Good uniformity, Significantly reduce the moire phenomenon.

Perfect structural design. Cableless connection,Front or rear maintenance.

Wider color gamut

Perfectly defines the red/green/blue color with the wide color gamut, even the skin tone, could be well reproduced

Precise color reproduction

Accurate color correction, stronger brightness, and perfect color consistency.

The smooth transition gives you an immersive feeling


The high-resolution LED display system could be seamlessly spliced, provides HD images, bright colors, low noise, and is able to realize real-time information transfer and interaction.


Fully display every excellent detail of the HD images, bringing customers an outstanding visual impact.


All-in-one Packaging Technology

        All-in-one packaging technology supports smaller pixel pitches and increases the robustness. The display effect is highly enhanced through the 100um chips to achieve more black zones in the single package and the surface black nano-spraying technology.

Electronics Circuit Design

        The latest design to reduce the difficulty and cost of the PCB design, improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance difficulty and cost, and achieve a smaller pixel pitch.

Cross Groove Design

        A light-shielding fence is set around each group of LED pixel lights, and a cross-sectional groove is formed between each light-shielding fence; at least two sides of the light body are set with a plurality of staggered protrusions. Groove anti-lighting technology makes the image clearer and improves contrast.


        The simple and exquisite cabinet appearance guarantees an unparalleled viewing experience. CLD stand-alone series provide a stable display system with superior image quality and zero noise to the government conference. Together with the multimedia conference system, AOTO's complete solution reaches a new level in terms of multimedia demonstration and knowledge sharing.

Product Feature

  • The image can be clearly viewed from the long-distance even under the bright light environment.

  • Fast installation, convenient transportation.

  • Front maintenance.

  • Zero noise.

  • 16: 9 standard ratio.

Interactive communication Enhance the efficiency of decision-making

        User-friendly interface, intelligent control, the superior resolution effectively reduces long time meeting fatigue.

Effective interaction and improvement of meeting decision-making efficiency and interactivity

        Supporting data sharing and visualization, simplifying the architecture and scientific management.

Outstanding image quality Leads the revolution of broadcasting industry

        No moiré effects, standard SDI interface, support HLG, perfectly support real-time broadcasting.

Superior advertising effect perfectly present various public information and brand communication

        Promptly display public information, enhance the city image, highlight the brand connotation, and improve brand value