8x12 Video wall controller

Control Up To 12 Screens

        VWC-K supports 12 HDMI signal outputs. It can control up to 12 units of splicing screen, and it can also control 8 independent screens.

Color Calibration

        VWC-K can independently adjust the color of each output, which can reduce the color difference between each screen.

Output Ports Mapping

       Using VWC-K for video wall splicing screens, users don't need to consider the physical position and logical position of each screen unit when connecting the screens to VWC-K. Users can directly adjust the logical position through the device or software.

Seamless Switching

       When switching between signals or presets of screen layout, VWC-K supports seamless switching with broadcast-level fade-in and fade-out special effects. There will be no blank screen or delay during the switching process.

Real-time Visualized Operation

       VWC-K can be controlled by control software. Users can monitor the input and output signals on the software through the Gigabit Ethernet and finish real-time editing.

8-Layer Arbitrary Display

       VWC-K can support up to 8 layers from the same or different signals to be displayed at the same time. Layers can be displayed across screens and arranged arbitrarily.

Timing Setting

       Supports timing the working status of the controller, users need to type in the unlock code to release the locking status.

8 Mixed-signal Inputs

       VWC-K supports 8 DVI-U input interfaces. With the corresponding interface adapter, each channel of input can be compatible with DVI, HDMI, VGA, CVBS.