magicWall in AGODA Singapore branch


After succesful systems their Bangkok HQ. AGODA decide to use magicWall in their new branch in Singapore to get abillity to share information accross multi-location. Web application dashboard is main feature for those system. magicWall can ensure compatibillity to view web application dashboards by 4 engines native chrome, native firefox, cefsharp and lagacy internet explorer.


FLEXO workspace booking solution training

Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to OOMNIS team to provide official traning on their FLEXO workspace booking and management solutions to our team. FlexO is a multi-resource booking and management system to manage your meeting rooms, huddlespaces, desks, shared facilities and mobile equipments such as projectors or whiteboards.


magicWall roadshow at Mindstec South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

magicWall roadshow at Minstec Africa branch. Showing solution capabillities and possibillities to integrate to their existing solution e.g. control system, conference and collaboration solution etc.


Mindstec Global Director conference

Dubai, UAE

Joining Minstec Global Director conference in Dubai 2019, give a chance to share Thailand Audio & Visual market and see what is going on in the Global market. Including magicWall demo to all directors.


Strong partnership with SONY

Melbourne, Australia

We are very honored to be SONY's strong & committed partnership in Asia Pacific. After successes in SMILE digital signage software development on BRAVIA professional displays, events and several regional co-projects.