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T1V - ThinkHub

Visual collaboration software that transforms team communication


Work From Anywhere with ThinkHub
        ThinkHub helps teams work better, together. Whether your teams are in the same room, spread across different global sites, or are connecting from home - ThinkHub supports all of the different ways you work.


        Discover the powerful collaboration software that is transforming the way people communicate. ThinkHub is a digitalized, multitouch collaboration tool that consolidates all the moving pieces of teamwork: the devices, applications, people, ideas, and content that are critical to achieving great work. Do great things with ThinkHub.


How are people using ThinkHub solutions


One total solution to simplify all systems

        ThinkHub is a software-based solution that has the power to replace all the hardware that we associate collaboration systems with today.



  • Expands 20x the surface area of the physical touchscreen

  • Grid and Canvas Key provide visual cues to help you navigate the digital space

  • Draw directly on the Canvas for digital whiteboarding sessions

  • Pinch-zoom to visualize or focus on specific content


  • No cap on the amount of content or number of devices that you can share to the ThinkHub Canvas

  • Share and upload content from a USB on the fly, or select from a network drive and/or cloud server

  • Drag and drop, pinch-zoom content, and device windows

  • Supports all iOS, OS, Windows, Android, and Linux device sharing

  • Supports TIV TouchControlTM - control devices from the ThinkHub Canvas


        ThinkHub is designed to work with the many ways you think and collaborate. That's why we've created different tools to support different kinds of thinking and collaborating.

Annotation Toolset

        Annotation tools are available for all content shared to the ThinkHub Canvas. This includes images, videos, PDFs, devices, Notes, Sketches, and Web Browser windows. You can even annotate the ThinkHub Canvas itself. You'll have the ability to draw, erase, snapshot, email, and/or print out content on the ThinkHub Canvas.


        Tap to type information. Change background colors to categorize content/information.


        Tap to draw or sketch freehand. Select pen color and weight.


        Web Browser Supports multitouch websites, opens multiple browser windows at the same time, with access to a full annotation toolset.


  • An unlimited number of devices can connect to ThinkHub's digital canvas wirelessly + simultaneously

  • No external hardware required for ThinkHub device sharing

  • All of these operating systems can also be connected through hardline inputs


  • ThinkHub solutions are highly scalable to fit environments ranging from small (four to six-person) huddle spaces to 50+ seated demonstration / large presentation rooms

  • ThinkHub solutions range from a single panel 55" touchscreen up to a 24' wide wall.

  • Classrooms

  • Boardrooms

  • Design centers

  • Innovation labs

  • Corporate lobbies

  • Demo centers

  • Medical offices

  • Training centers 

  • Operating rooms

  • Corporate offices

  • Team spaces

  •  Executive offices

  • Briefing centers

  • Community spaces 

  • Libraries

  • Huddle spaces

  • Research centers



  • Large digital Canvas to showcase images, videos, presentations in one place

  • Select and upload content from a USB, network drive, and/or cloud server

  • Wireless device sharing across an unlimited number of Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux devices

  • Annotation tools to make quick edits and share with the team (including the ability to annotate on live streams)

  • Digital whiteboarding capabilities

  • Data persistence - save Sessions to resume at a later date (all data will be stored as you saved it)



  • Real-time, remote collaboration Sessions

  • Session sharing across the entire organization

  • Shared network folders and content

  • Any site can utilize any display configuration

  • Two MultiSite Network options

  • Supports up to 10 ThinkHub MultiSite locations

- MultiSite Enterprise

        > Uses client network only

        > Includes server within client firewall

- MultiSite SMB

        > Utilizes TIV cloud-based server

        > TIV handles relay support

        > Support for multiple networks



  • Compatible with all hardware-based videoconferencing equipment, such as Cisco, Polycom, etc...

  • One-time setup and configuration fee

  • VC Add-On is available for ThinkHub and ThinkHub MultiSite

  • Option for built-in videoconferencing technology, which works via the TIV AirConnect App, and supports any web-based VC apps your team uses



These additional options are available upon request*:

  • Dynamically configurable workspace that can be customized for multiple use cases, with multiple content windows

  • Hardline inputs: up to 4 per ThinkHub device

  • ADA support

  • Multilingual capabilities

  • Cloud-based storage

  • Crestron / AMX Control Configuration

  • Meeting Room Analytics (see page 10)

​*Additional fees may apply


  • ThinkHub has an annual license and support fee ThinkHub does not charge per user; licenses are available by ThinkHub device

  • ThinkHub offers a range of storage options: local, embedded hard drive, enterprise network, or cloud

  • Software that is compatible with top touchscreen manufacturers

  • TIV Support comes with all ThinkHub solutions

- Phone and Email support 8 am - 10 pm EST, M-F (additional support available after hours and on weekends)

- 24/7 Remote Monitoring

- Free upgrades to licensed software

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