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Video Wall Processor

        Video Wall Processors are high-performance video processing workstations with hardware-based architecture and without an operating system, applicable to fields as education and research, government notices, information publishing, administration, military command, exhibition and display, security monitoring, appliance sales, etc.

        HADES ™ processor employs crosspoint switch technology which offers high-speed switching and transmission. Comparing to the “bus” switching architecture that all the signals need to share the bandwidth of the bus for transmission, the crosspoint switch assigns each signal a unique channel to avoid a collision, delay, and instability, which contributes to real-time displaying for all video signals.

        Employing the pure hardware FPGA architecture with a self-developed core algorithm provides HADES ™ processor with excellent image processing performance. Abandoning operation system preventing HADES ™ from crashes, collisions, blue screen, and viruses which commonly suffered by software architecture. It is highly stable to ensure uninterrupted operation of 7x24, and meet the increasingly strict demand ofmarket.


        HADES ™ processor is compatible with a wide variety of input signal formats, including, CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, Twisted-Pair signal, Optical signal, etc. The output signal of HADES ™ supports DVI-I, Twisted-Pair signal, and Optical signal. The resolution of a single output channel can reach up to 1920*1200 @60Hz. Besides, customers can also upload and display ultrahigh-resolution static background images with HADES ™ processor. Additionally, ultra-high-resolution content is also supported by capture multiple 4K level signals from one workstation to achieve perfect displaying.



CrossMedia Visualized Control

        CrossMedia ™ provides users an entirely new experience on display wall management. With multi-touch gestures, everything has been left to your fingers. Putting a source on the wall is just a drag-and-drop, while you can also drag to move it, and pinch to zoom. What you see on the touch-screen is what you get on the video wall, which brings an excellent user experience.

Multiple Video-Wall Management

        HADES ™ processor employs RRTA (Resolution Real-time TotalAdaptation) technology that enables the management of multiple video walls with one single processor. Users can control each video wall separately on the graphic user interface. Moreover, the output resolution of the individual monitor can be unique for different video walls.

Signal Preview

        All input signals can be previewed in the UI of the software before being displayed on the screens. It enables the operator to detect the input status and display signals correctly. Additionally, the content on the videowall is also “mirror-ing” to the user interface provides the customers the real-time performance.



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