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IT Andaman Club 2024

Phuket, Thailand

demuk and Vision Cyberport are very pleased to participate in the IT Andaman Club event in Phuket. We have the opportunity to present the latest innovative technology. designed to enhance the customer service experience in hotels include Philips Hospitality TV with Philips MediaSuite, and magicSign powerful digital signage solution running on kiosks and 10-inch screens.

This event is an important opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to developing technology that meets the needs of the hotel industry. We will continue to develop our products and services to be more modern and better.

IT Samui Club 2024

Samui, Thailand

We attend events to showcase cutting-edge technology. Innovative solutions for hotel TV and digital signage are becoming more popular. Hospitality TV is a key tool in enhancing the guest experience, and Philips MediaSuite with its user interface Easy to use, can be customized with your own brand. magicSign is a powerful digital signage solution. User-friendly interface that is easy to handle. Can be easily adjusted to display a variety of content including text, images, video and the web to meet changing needs.

Philips Hospitality Solution Experience Trip

Shanghai, Xiamen, China

Good things visit to The Shanghai Showroom this state-of-the-art facility showcases a curated collection of premium products and cutting-edge technologies, offering an immersive experience for discerning customers. Allows us to learn and gain new perspectives. and bring new ideas back to use in my company It's a great opportunity to network with experts. Exchange ideas and build valuable business relationships.

It features a dedicated technology showcase where visitors can experience the latest advancements in smart automation such as artificial intelligence, E-Paper, Smart retail solutions, Smart hotel solutions, hotel TV mediasuite, etc. A team of experts is available to demonstrate these cutting-edge solutions. The Shanghai Showroom is a testament to the transformative potential of innovation. It is a space where discerning customers can discover the finest products, and experience cutting-edge technologies.

Another place that Demuk was honored to visit was the TPV Xiamen factory It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales, and after-sales service of LCD TV and LCM modules. In addition, it is the largest TV production base of TPV Technology Group in the world. We saw the hotel TV screen production line, panel assembly, screen equipment, and various modern tools. Until there is almost no need for human labor.

1st 6k COB display in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks to Vibharam Hospital for being confident in using our 6k COB display and being the first in Thailand. In recent years, COB LED displays have become a breakthrough technology in the world of lighting and visual displays. With superior brightness, multiple LED chips are mounted directly on a single circuit board. This creates a compact lighting solution. Get smooth and even lighting. Improves color accuracy and image quality. Uses low power while providing superior brightness levels.

Compact & flexible Seamless integration Can be customized to fit curved surfaces. and exceptionally durable Has a long service life Reduces maintenance costs Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is widely used with its high brightness and superior image quality, effectively attracting people's attention.

Highlights COB display: Higher contrast, Higher black level, Higher color uniformity, Better eye care, Wider viewing angle, Higher resolution, Smaller pixel pitch, Less power, More durable

New product MTC VISTA 105/T


Exciting new products Ultra-thin 105” 5K 21:9 display. MTC Technologies presents the VISTA 105/T, a flagship 105-inch LCD monitor for conference and meeting rooms. This display is available with both interactive and non-interactive features. There is a professional design. The display is large but offers amazing picture quality. New format and advanced touch options With the improved stability of the interactive touch screen and a wealth of collaboration tools at your fingertips. This makes user operations smoother and easier. The giant screen is still accessible to the user. to reach the top or bottom of the display. Unique and versatile. And far less expensive than direct LED.

AET display COB led factory visit

Dongguan, China

It's been an absolute pleasure and thank you very much. For the invitation to visit AET's COB-led display factory in China, is worth it for this new experience. It was a profound experience and a wealth of knowledge gained. COB-LED technology is widely used in various industries, including lighting, automotive, and electronics.

COB-LED, short for Chip-On-Board Light Emitting Diode, is a technology used in LED lighting where multiple LED chips are attached directly to a circuit board, forming a single module. This design allows for a higher density of LED chips. This results in a more consistent and powerful light output. COB-LED is known for its high efficiency. Excellent color rendition.

magicSign 55" LCD kiosk digital signage


Nowadays businesses are seeking new approaches. to attract the attention of their target audience One method that has become very popular is through the use of digital signage. 55-inch digital sign with an adjustable mount made of aluminum material. Able to provide an interesting experience for viewing images and information that needs to be published for viewers. With a larger screen size, This effectively captures attention and makes your message stand out in crowded environments such as retail stores, airports, hotels, and corporate offices. The high-resolution display ensures sharp images, vivid colors, and crisp text. It helps increase overall visual appeal.

And this 55-inch digital sign, when managed by magicSign, allows users to easily manage the information or content they want to display. Easy User Interface magicSign use the latest technology for web-based application development, the latest touch gesture, which, are common to ensure good performance. magicSign has​ both options for modern fast & easy cloud service and a secured dedicated system.


Datapath Aetria Solution Workshop

Tokyo, Japan

In a bustling city like Tokyo Technology enthusiasts and professionals alike have the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge at the renowned Datapath Training Center. with modern facilities The center has become a destination for those wanting to stay ahead in the ever-evolving technology industry.

Demuk and Partner visited Datapath Training Center in Tokyo Japan To view new Videowall controller technology for Smart City, Warrom, and control room design, Datapath is an expert in graphics, capture, and video wall display technology. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources. This ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Attending the Datapath Training Center in Tokyo opens the door to valuable networking opportunities. Participants can expand their professional networks build relationships and gain insights from those with experience in the field. These connections can prove to be instrumental in career growth and development.

magicSign 49" 55" 65" LCD kiosk digital signage


In today's rapidly changing digital world, businesses are seeking new ways to stay relevant. continuously to attract customers and improve the overall experience One solution that is gaining a lot of attention It is an indoor kiosk digital signage. that is becoming popular among many types of businesses To be used for attracting attention, presenting, informing news, advertising, public relations, etc. because this indoor kiosk will help customers have easier access to the products, services, or news that they want to present.

The indoor kiosk is also managed by magicSign to help users easily manage the information or content they want to display. Content can be managed as a cross-platform web application. This magicSign can be done from any device operating system such as Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android via a web browser. Supports a wide range of media players.


magicSign 49" 55" 65" LCD kiosk digital signage


A ready-made kiosk that is compact, sleek, modern, and beautiful. Can play videos and update content automatically. Increase service efficiency and attract more customers.

There are screen sizes: 49, 55, and 65 inches, showing sharp, detailed images, easy connection to LAN or WiFi, and a content management system with magicSign software. To control the management of public content on the screen Both the machine and the software have been designed to work together efficiently. Easy to use by controlling via browser from PC.

magicSign 10" countertop digital signage


Digital signage in the hospitality industry is becoming more and more popular. as a way to enhance the guest experience By using digital displays, hotels, department stores, restaurants, mobile phone shops, and other service establishments can provide valuable information, engage guests, and create a memorable experience.

magicSign 10" countertop cloud digital signage
This countertop digital sign is compact, 10 inches in size, and has a touch screen. It will allow you to have interactive content. Make communication more accessible Add advertising A variety of results can be displayed, whether images, videos, or websites, at the user's control. Increase access to products and services for entrepreneurs. There is a professional management system that supports content management through the cloud from anywhere. and from any device, whether it be a tablet or computer, without having to install additional applications.


AiCS WORKSHOP with Advantech partner

Bangkok, Thailand

Demuk joined the event AiCS WORKSHOP with Advantech partner at Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok on 7th Sep-23. We have explained the Retail Solution , Digital signage and Videowall Solution.

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