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magicWall is our 2nd generation videowall controller solution. We have started the creation of videowall controller software in 2007 by using programming techniques and hardware which were available back at that time. This is the reason why we focus more on virtual inputs such as a file, network, remote desktop, web, and streaming more than physical cable inputs. From many years of experience, we bring all our knowledge to develop magicWall. Make sure that, we deliver the easiest and powerful videowall controller solutions to customers. We also work closely with hardware manufacturing partners on their products, development, and SDK. The result is that magicWall can bring all the features and performance from software and hardware to you.

Support Various Input Sources


We are not only focused on designing videowall controllers by the number of physical input and output interfaces. magicWall brings all possibilities to display other sources such as 

  • Multimedia files: audio, image video, animation

  • Documents files: word, PowerPoint, excel, pdf

  • Caption text or animated text

  • Web browser

  • Video streaming

  • Remote desktop

  • Data interfacing from 3rd party system or database

  • widgets

User Interface


A simple user interface is the most important for project success. We design & develop magicWall with most latest programming technology. It can work with any web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. It also can work on any device e.g. PC, iPad, Android tablet, or even your smartphone. The most latest and common gestures like to drag, drop, zoom, pinch, snap, and scroll, the same as your daily life experiences with your smartphone or cloud application. This gives very fast learning to users to use and operate the system.

Simple Workflow


Enterprise Scalability


magicWall has the scalability to support all sizes of projects from

  • Single videowall

  • Big videowall with multiple virtual videowalls 

  • Multiple display engines

  • Enterprise, separate CMS, Database, secured data and, sensitive data to consolidated location e.g. virtual machine, server room, etc.

Support Various Hardware

datapath-small logo.png
datapath vsn.png
datapath card.png

magicWall works with world-leading hardware manufacturers. It is developed, tested, and optimized closely with the team and SDK of those manufactures. You can expect the best quality and performance which can be brought ring out from each hardware platform. 

Recommended hardware 

  • DATAPATH: all graphics & capture cards (recommended)

  • MATROX: MURA MPX, IPX, C-series

  • Tricolor: FPGA hardware-based 

  • NVIDIA, AMD graphics

Mixing different hardware in the same project is possible with magicWall to give flexibility in project design to use different hardware in different locations/rooms in a project but same software, same user experiences.

nvidia logo.png
amd logo.png
nvida card.png

Bring IP World to Videowall

sqx logo.png




magicWall has the main concept to reduce using of physical cable input e.g. HDMI, VGA, or DVI. It supports many ways to bring up sources from different locations via network to show on your videowall. it gives the flexibility to design the system, eliminates the limitation of cable length, easy integration, less power consumption, and more.

  • Support world-leading IP stream decoding hardware

    • Datapath SQX​

    • Matrox IPX

  • VNC​

  • RDP: Remote Desktop Connection

  • Web browser emulation engines

    • magicWall has all major browser emulations: chrome, firefox, internet explorer, safari.

    • Almost every web application, website, should be able to display directly without customization

    • Freedom in size, resolution, aspect ratio

    • Keep all original features, you can touch, click, drill-down or navigate

    • The best solution for a modern Dashboard system, no extra PCs are required to display multiple dashboards

    • Very easy to turn your videowall to become interactive videowall

  • Video streaming decoding: RTSP, HTTP, RTMP, MMS, and more



magicAPI is the built-in module in magicWall to communicate with 3rd party systems.

  • Control system: AMX, Crestron, etc.

  • Trigger & alarm

  • Video analytics

magicAPI helper is the better way to support system integrators, developers, or programmers ​to reduce integration time by generating and testing API commands by graphics user interface instead of reading API documentation. 

Built-in Touch Control

touch control.png

magicWall built-in touch control allows you to control your videowall and 3rd party devices from your fingertips. No external control system is required. Layout and design are fully customizable to fit your project.

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