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Case Studies

magicSign powered 3D billboard a new landmark in Bangkok at Emsphere

The new landmark Emsphere is a new shopping in Bangkok's city center with a collection of famous brands and chic restaurants. For those passing by, you can see a 3D billboard with cute advertisements in the form of 3D Illusion on the L-shaped screen in front of the Emsphere Mall. It can catch the eyes of passersby. The advertisements on this 3D billboard screen show It show the creativity and care that goes into creating new and impressive experiences for customers. and can also create awareness and attract attention very well.

Moreover, behind the content of this advertisement Manage efficiently with a powerful digital signage solution like magicSign, a program that helps you easily manage your content. Use the latest technology for web application development. Content management is a cross-platform web application. This can be done from any device operating system such as Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android via a web browser. Supporting a wide range of media players, magicSign has advanced cloud service options. and a specific, secure system.

AIS, the no.1 mobile operator in Thailand chose to use magicSign.

Businesses find ways to attract and interest their target audience. There is one method that is very popular right now. is the effective use of digital signage and data management programs. And yes, our company has products that meet many business needs. With a variety of screens such as LED, signage, kiosks, etc., if used with magicSign, our intelligent program processes efficiently. It allows you to manage your data content excellently. These things will help create interest in your company.

AIS, the no.1 mobile operator in Thailand, chose magicSign as a digital signage solution for all locations nationwide. Demuk is very pleased to work together. And we thank you for your trust and confidence in our services.

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HotelTV and signage from Philips

Thanks to your decision to choose something good from us, Centara Ayutthaya Hotel uses hotel TV screens and signage screens from Philips, a famous person in the electrical appliance industry. With a good-quality screen and a smart connectivity system.

For hotelTV, it has advanced connectivity features and a versatile setup. Built-in Chromecast makes streaming fast and is powered by Android. Hotels can specify their amenities. Movies worth watching, promotions, and nearby tourist attractions The display is optimized for standard Android apps, and you can even install web apps directly on the screen. Automatic updates keep the application up to date.

The signage screen uses a powerful digital signage solution like magicSign from the cloud to a dedicated system for organizations. and content management is a cross-platform web application. This can be done from any device operating system such as Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android via a web browser.

Philips MediaSuite Hospitality TV with Chromecast built-in

Philips Hotel TV, with Chromecast built-in and Netflix. In today's digital age, hotels are finding new ways to stay connected. Continuously providing an excellent guest experience Among the various facilities Hotel TVs play an important role in ensuring guests' comfort and entertainment. Philips is a well-known brand in the consumer electronics industry. It has revolutionized the hotel TV industry by introducing cutting-edge technology and improved features.

Designed for a fast-paced world, MediaSuite features advanced connectivity and versatile configuration settings. Chromecast built-in makes streaming fast and easy, while Android™ and Google Play Store unleash infinite possibilities.

Places hotel TV: Avani Pattaya Resort

Outdoor Digital Signage

We have this outdoor digital signage designed can support use in outside environments. The material around the machine will be shielded. Makes it able to withstand the environment for outdoor use and can be sun-resistant, and rain-resistant. Ready to work around the clock, outdoor digital signage and window displays empower you to always present a dynamic and vibrant message, video, or image. You can manage content choose data feeds or platforms you need to show on display with magicSign.

Philips Hotel TV remote for system integrator

This special remote offer shortcut to service menu for system integrator to work on their project easier than before, no need long combination press, forget password, etc.

Creative videowall display

Endless posibillity on creating videowall with multiple displays, sizes, resolutions, angles or overlaps with ultra high resolution. Using hardware-based videowall controllers, you can have your amazing videowall design by using original video contents. No need to modify, splice, slice or rotate your video files.

GPS bus tracking integration

Ads-Sync API allows magicSign to display content relative to external conditions from 3rd API. Ads-Sync API can be implemented as centralized level or local level and gives flexibility and possibility to deliver dynamic contents to attract audiences.

This example shows bus GPS tracking system integration with magicSign. When specific bus approce bus stop, digital content chage to content that is related to static bus wrap content.

other Example use cases,
- Display male/female content according to video analytic face recognition.
- Display content related to current weather condition.
- Display content related to current traffic condition.

Multiple digital billboards synchronization

With powerful synchronization features on magicSign

- Playback can be synced across the network
- Support local, VPN, or WAN network
- Different content formats on different player can be synced
- Create more impact to audiences
- Synchronization using network can reach any location with network access
- Reduce video distribution infrastructure investment cost

magicWall with fine pitch LED display

magicWall drives native pixel to fine pitch LED display, to ensure 100% pixel utilization on the display, no cropping, no scaling, no distortion. Also, the ability to display web-application makes complex information shown on display fast and easy.

Digital signage in Malaysia - mass transit

Over 300++ magicSign are deployed in Malaysia in airports, MRT, and office buildings. Within 2 months of the covid-19 situation. To prove that, the magicSign cloud can be implemented remotely without any onsite activities required.

Multi-format playback synchronization with magicSign

Synchronized playback between multiple magicSign players with different display formats, gives impressive experiences to audiences. This can draw attention from the audience and can give much more possibility to design your digital signage system.

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