Case Studies


magicWall with fine pitch LED display

       magicWall drives native pixel to fine pitch LED display, to ensure 100% pixel utilization on the display, no cropping, no scaling , no distortion. Also abillity to display web-application makes complex information show on display fast and easy.  


Digital signage in Malaysia - mass transit

       over 300++ magicSign are deployed in Malaysi in airport, MRT and office building. Within 2 months during covid-19 situation. To prove that, magicSign cloud can be implement remotely with out any onsite activities required. 


Multi-format playback synchronization with magicSign

        Synchronized playback between multiple magicSign players with different display formats, gives impressive experiences to audiences. This can draw attention from the audiences and can give much more possibility to design your digital signage system.


Weatherproof outdoor digital signage 55" 75"

        We have developed weatherproof digital signage, that can directly place directly in the middle of strong sunlight, rain, or any weather condition.

- 75" 3000nit 4K display for stunning image quality
- closed-loop air conditioning keeps the system under working temperature & humidity 
- IoT sensors for temperature & humidity
- easy maintenance
- 4G ready to magicSign Cloud


Synchronized multi-location displays with magicSign

        Outdoor LED ads, multi-point synchronization. Bangkok BTS Skytrain all stations

        using broadband 4G connection for each display, using magicSign
built-in sync function. Giving the ability to exact-sync or overlap-sync
all displays together to create stunning out of home advertising experiences 


Smart display technology is everywhere!!

- Restaurant, Cafe', Retail
- Transportation, Outdoor
- Gallery, Museum
- Banking, Hospital
- Vending Machine, Interactive kiosk
- Smart workspace, Meeting room
- Control room, and more...



Building management monitoring system with IP technologies

        today most of the dashboard and monitoring systems are on IP technology. To bring them to show on Videowall, why we still use physical video input interface such as HDMI, VGA, etc. magical solution brings IP capabilities to your monitoring room to show URL dashboards, IP camera, remote desktop. Less cable, Less power consumption, Less investment!! More visibility, More flexibility, more efficiency



magicSign & magicEye drive Smart Vending Machine

        Today the vending machine is doing more than just vending machine. Digital signage, video analytic, cloud management, e-payment, cash top-up terminal, etc. become one total solution for IoT terminal.



magicSign 4K with art videowall any degree rotation

        A regular videowall is too boring, right?
magicSign 4K output to any degree rotation processor. It creates a stunning videowall display.