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Room Booking


Room Booking

Tigermeeting - Room booking


Welcome to Tigermeeting

Your affordable, high-end calendar solution with perpetual licence model.​​

The Tigermeeting solution is one of the most advanced meeting room management products on the market, since 2018.


How could we achieve this? The answer is simple: We listen to our customers.

   We own the technology. We know the industry. We are passionate about what we do.

   We consider customer needs. We adjust our product and service roadmap accordingly.

   We see that our product is able to provide great and affordable service for schools, universities, offices, and- organizations with a simple, functional, efficient, and reliable meeting room management solution - that is already, highly appreciated worldwide.

Key features

The product features are carefully crafted to perfection and driven by the genuine aim to provide an innovative and affordable meeting room management product with a unique and original design - closing the gap between the huge market demand and the expensive, high-end competition

Central management

No need for time-wasting visits to every device. All configuration, settings, and updates can be pushed out to the devices centrally via the Admin app


we had the user experience as the highest focus for the front-end design. The easier it is to navigate, the more it will be used.


Use the same solution in different or mixed environments. In the offices book meeting rooms; in schools show classrooms' timetables; somewhere else book tables, desks, or cabinets if needed. Freely use different devices that fit best the given environment and purpose.


The solution runs on unique high watermark distributed database technology that does not need external data storage. All data stays within the organization's LAN.


One of our unique key features. Your users will always be able to find the available rooms. Book meetings in your online calendar or directly on the screen.


Use your own language on the screens - we support more than 40 languages and a new one can be easily added on request without software upgrades.


We support all major calendar applications - Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Google Calendar, and iCalendar - fitting easily into the most networked room booking ecosystems.


Provides a glimpse into the company's meeting culture, people's habits as well hardware usage and health.


Change the look and feel of the screen. Make it your own. Make the screens fit into your office environment with logo and background changes in all themes.


Unique features

Every meeting room booking system on the market does the job - the difference is in innovative, unique features where Tigermeeting gives the competitive edge.

Free updates

as the product evolves, new features are added, and bugs are fixed - all customers are eligible to upgrade their environments to the latest product releases - with a perpetual licensing model. This means lifetime effortless updates and product support.

Total ownership cost

With Tigermeeting's perpetual licensing model and pricing strategy, the Tigermeeting suite became one of the most cost-effective meeting room solutions on the market with the lowest TCO.

Meet the Tigermeeting suite products

Tigermeeting Booking screen.jpg

Tigermeeting Booking screen

This product is designed to run on Android devices with screen sizes between 6" to 15", placed on a wall in front of the meeting rooms, classrooms, conference halls... showing the rooms' name, ongoing meeting status, meeting information, future meetings' schedule, running company videos and provide direct - on-screen meeting booking functionality synced with the attached corporate online calendars.

The same runs on microdevices with screen sizes 3-6" attached to office desks or school cabinets showing the resource availability and providing on-screen booking functionality

The booking screen appearance is easily customized by applying different themes via the Admin App.  It acts like a fire alarm in case of emergency.

Tigermeeting Booking screen2.png
Tigermeeting Booking screen3.png
Tigermeeting Booking screen4.png
Tigermeeting Booking screen5.png

Tigermeeting Overview screen

This product is designed to provide a real-time, comprehensive overview of the meeting rooms' statuses over the whole company - most often used on huge, android operating system-powered screens placed in public spaces.

It shows the meeting rooms' name, schedule, and status on an intuitive timeline - also it presents the rooms' size and the relative position from the screen. The overview screens are also part of the unique fire alarm feature.

Tigermeeting Overview screen.jpeg

Tigermeeting Admin App

A multi-platform, web-based management application that configures updates and manages the whole Tigermeeting infrastructure in an easy, intuitive, efficient, and secure way. This tool is also used for troubleshooting, network backup/restore maintenance, fetching the logs, and presenting useful analytics data that could be exported to any external BI tool.


The Admin app is a node.js, platform-independent application that has installers provided for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.

Tigermeeting Admin App.png

Tigermeeting is proud to present a selection of happy customers:

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