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ULTRCOLOR All in one COB display with CMS

Comes with all the necessary accessories for operation from controller, wall brackets to speakers and decorative bezels. No additional components need to be purchased, allowing our clients to focus on getting your monitor up and running more easily


Wireless Projection Screen, Free Sharing

Support computer, mobile phone, tablet multiple terminals, as well as Windows, iOS and Android platforms, fast wireless screen projection, up to 4 separate screen sharing.


Amazing dynamic range Compared with traditional screen image optimization (HDR10/HDR10+ and LED HDR) it shows accurate, realistic images for a variety of scenes via provided ideal peak of brightness and contrast.


Microdynamic Processing

Smooth, clear movement every movement becomes clearer. YESCO AI ULTRCOLOR All-in-One automatically converts standard 60Hz signals to 120Hz, eliminating motion jitter in fast-paced action for a smoother video and viewing experience.


Friendly For Eyes

One key to opening the eye protection mode, the system end effective assist, filtering harmful high-energy short wave blue light, long time watching, more care for the eyes.


Re-optimize The Installation Process

All-in-one simplifies the installation, saving time and labor cost: Just dock the back into the install bar and hang the standard cabinet with three or four depends on the scree size.


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