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Maximize Time & Resources

  • Find a room that fits your requirement.

  • Easy to navigate color-coded room list and calendar.

  • Filter selection based on its size/capacity, amenities, and availability.

Automate Reservation

  • Manage reservations online.

  • Set recurring events and automatic cancellation thresholds.

  • Generate iCalendar.

  • Customize room display theme and pictures.

Track & Analyze Usage

  • Track total daily, monthly or annual room usage.

  • Analyze booking behavior or pattern.

  • Anticipate needs and plans.


FLEXO Solution Components

​FlexO (short for Flex Office) is composed of three key elements; ​ FlexO Manager, Booking Portal, and the FlexO Navigator. These components work together and create a systematic reservation flow.

  • FlexO Manager: Web portal, Administrator dashboard for application configuration, user account control, and room management, and device monitoring.

  • Booking Portal: A user web portal for room reservations.

  • FlexO Navigator: ​ Application installed on a tablet and deployed to each room. Aside from managing daily reservation schedules, it also acts as signage and self-service booking kiosk. Daily activities are logged and sent to the Rooms manager for reporting consolidation.​

Solution Architecture


Room Management

Define and create amenities based on your requirements. 

Set rooms as a VIP rooms for restricted access.

Assign amenities to your rooms to speed up room selection. 

Report issues with room facility directly from the Room Navigator.


Calendar Synchronization

Synchronization with your existing calendar system: Office365, Exchange, G-Suite, as well as iCal export for offline sync.

Reservation entries are automatically added to your favorite email client so your users don't need to double entry the booking in their calendar. ​ 

No extra add-on, or plugin required.


Multi Booking

Plan ahead, book recurring events, block off multiple dates, e.g weekly, monthly, or annual meetings. 

Create private events if content cannot be disclosed.


Timed Sessions

The system is designed to auto-cancel booked events whenever users fail to show up on time (with a customizable threshold). 

The same goes for auto termination when users fail to end their meeting when they leave the room. 

This feature would ensure that rooms are properly utilized with maximum efficiency.



View overall usage statistics


No. of booking per week/ month/year with a forecast


Breakdown data per room, user, or period time


See no. of Cancellations, no show


Average overtime, the average delay


Export module to Excel available


Multi Site

Group Multiple Rooms per City, Location, or Site Name.


Manage access to Site perusers.


Define different setups per Site such as business hours, scheduler view, etc.


System Integration

The room supports system integration with the following: 

  • NFC: interact with the Room Navigator using your NFC-compatible employee badge/card

  • LDAP / Active Directory: connect to your company directory.

  • SSO: seamless authentication within your organization domain.​

  • APIs: leverage our booking engine APIs to integrate with your Enterprise systems, or develop your content.​

  • and more ...


Smart Finder

Search and reserve other available rooms on the spot through the Room Navigator Smart Finder button. 

The Smart Finder will propose a selection of the closest available rooms with how much time is left to be used.


Role Based Login

User profile management with roles and access limit (viewer only, user, admin).


Easily identify your bookings.

Define your favorite rooms that appear on top.


Central Management

Manage application settings


Define users and roles


Add/Remove Suites and Rooms


Enable/Disable Amenities


Set thresholds for auto cancellation and termination


Customizable themes​​ & pictures

device management.png

Multi Lingual

Rooms are available in several languages. 

  • ไทย (Thai)

  • English

  • Français (French)

  • 日本語 (Japanese)

  • 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)

  • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)

  • and more...


Monitoring & Control

Monitor and Control your Room Navigator devices from the administration console. 

  • Define a schedule to turn on/off your Room Navigator screens.

  • Define and monitor device heartbeat, and get notified on the issue.

  • Remote reboot.

  • Preview what is currently playing.

  • Turn on or off the device at any time.

  • Enable more than one device per room (front door, in-room, etc.).

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