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AET is the expert of the fine pitch LED displays.

AET DISPLAYS LIMITED was incorporated in 2015 and officially joined the Guangda Groups in 2019. AET mainly focuses on manufacturing fine-pitch LED Displays. Research and Product development with innovative ideas and technology formed the foundation of our rapid but careful expansion of AET. As such, it allowing AET become one of the market leader in Standard Fine Pitch, MiniLED and MicroLED Ultra Fine Pitch LED Display industry.

AET is the first enterprise to have both COB technology and MIP technology in the LED display industry with over 200 patentes. The self-developed Mass transfer production line is now leading the industry with a speed of 2 million chips per hour, and its yield rate is 99.999%.

AET’s main COB products are for pixel pitch of P0.4mm to P1.8mm, for easy splicing to 4K/8K resolution screen for various application scenarios. A good reputation ensures the top market ranking for our products in China.


Ultra Thin And Light

The NX series offers a significantly light and thin cabinet, thickness of only 40mm and a weight of only 6.5kg.


Front Access And Hidden Cable Design

Full front access design ensures seamless implementation and hidden internal cable design ensures a tidy and clean LED wall.


BOB(Bi-layer On Board) Technology Optional

The NX series offers BOB (Bi-layer On Board) technology, which can reach superior module surface protection such as knock against, anti-static, waterproof, moisture dust and scratches prevention.


Common Cathode LED Driving Technology

Common cathode LED driving mode can accurately control the voltage, which can reach lower temperatures and less heat. It effectively reduces power consumption and LED failure. Improving the life span of LED chips.


HDR Technology For Vivid Details

The NX series combines the best industry video processing technologies with High Dynamic Range(HDR) picture refinement which looks more realistic and clarity.


Golden Aspect Ratio 16:9

According to the international display standard, meets various setup methods. The golden aspect ratio, in line with the proportion of the visual screen, is suitable for mainstream display screen proportion.


High Grey Scale For Color In Low Brightness

Conventional LED displays make it difficult to present red, green, and blue color hues accurately in low grey scale settings. But the NX series solved those problems through a unique calculation that maintains the gradation for R/G/B to deliver rich color hues in low-brightness environments.

Application scenarios

Customize your indoor applications with quality LED Displays.

Such as Public security, a Courthouse, Monitoring rooms, an Opera house, a TV studio, and many more.

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