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all-in-one LED solution 120", 150", 180" full HD


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        The Smart Integrated Display (SID) all-in-one solution, from AOTO, is a lightweight design that adopts a slick bezel-less display area with a 19.8mm cabinet mounted to a 6mm ultra-thin frame. Its swallow-tail-shaped stand adds an elegant feel to the SID aesthetic and produces a genuinely luxurious display. Weighing 50% less than conventional LED products and utilizing a centralized power supply that reduces power consumption, it’s a lightweight and sustainable offering that is guaranteed to make an impact.

        Its efficiently integrated AI algorithm makes the SID all-in-one LED solution plug and play, and its optimal viewing brightness is adjustable via your mobile phone. AOTO advanced 24-bit color processing technology, high refresh rate, and image calibration ensure that the solution delivers an unparalleled visual performance. The SID all-in-one solution is available in multiple sizes to provide the ultimate large-scale viewing experience.

        Application: Conference Room, TV Studio, School and Training Agency, Digital Media.


Brand new frameless All-in-One design, ultra-thin structure


Ultra-Narrow Frame

  • 6mm Ultra-thin frame design

  • 19.8mm Cabinet depth

  • A collaborative canvas


‘The Swallow Tail’

  • A graceful and understated design

  • Clean and elegant presentation

  • A Stylistic innovation

Lightweight All-In-One Design

  • Made from thin and light aviation-grade composite materials

  • 50% lighter than conventional LED products

  • Easily wall-mountable even without a non-load-bearing wall

  • No cabinet splicing

  • Offered as a turnkey solution

Multiple Sizes

  • A size for any application or scenario

  • Standard sizes 120/150/180 inches

  • Display with the impact your space deserves


High efficiency and convenience


High Reliability

  • The cabinet edges undergo a padded treatment to protect against damage

  • Nano surface spray finish for particle prevention and deeper blacks


Multiple Interfaces

  • 2 HDMI2.0 video input

  • 2 USB2.0 + 1 USB3.0 interface

  • LINE OUT audio output

Energy-saving and Environmental safeguarding

  • Ultra-low-voltage power supply

  • Dynamic power adjustment technology

  • 10A socket

  • Efficient heat dissipation

  • Exceptional user experience

Quick installation & Maintenance

  • Fast modular installation

  • Estimated Install time = 1hr (2 People)

  • 24V power supply

  • Supporting installation and maintenance while live working

HDR image quality


*Intelligent All-in-One Design

  • • Android 8.0

  • 4GB RAM + 32GB flash memory

  • Supports multiple.APP extensions

  • 1GB Ethernet

  • 2.4G + 5G dual WIFI Wireless connection


*Multiple devices Connection & Control

  • Multiple devices wireless connection

  • Maximum 4 split screens

  • Various control methods

*Intelligent Environment Adjustments

  • • Built-in AOTO AI algorithm

  • Environment brightness adjustment

  • Brightness adjustment via mobile phone

Exclusively Developed System

  • AOTO image quality engine V1.0

  • Color calibration technology, High refresh rate

  • Image auto-scaling

  • 24-bit color processing depth, Wide color gamut

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