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all-in-one LED solution 136" full HD



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Product Introduction

        AOTO CV All-in-One LED Solution guarantees stunning visual performance and stable operation for indoor fine pitch applications with zero noise. Integrated with multiple interactive functions like infrared touch, intelligent whiteboard, wireless screen sharing, and remote video conference, etc., it fully bridges the gap between multimedia demonstration and knowledge collaboration.


        Based on the latest Mini LED technology, AOTO CV All-in-One LED Solution is characterized by a smaller LED chip, 4.5 times robustness, and better sealing & optical design, avoiding the vulnerability and on-site maintenance issue of fine pitch LED screen products as well as the color inconsistency of COB. This product has been widely applied worldwide.


        Application: Conference Room; TV Studio; School & Training Agency; Digital Media


Brand new All-in-One design value, convenient operation with multifunctional intelligent integration

        Creative structure design ensures the cableless connection within cabinets, simple and flexible; Enhancing working efficiency significantly by integrated with multiple intelligent functions; Seat bracket and wall-mounted installations are available for different application scenarios.


*Wireless Screen sharing, one-click information releasing

        Real-time screen share from a laptop, iPad, and mobile phone to ensure efficient communication

  • Easy screen sharing

  • Multi-device screen sharing

  • Efficient communication


*Display in splicing contents, showcase in one screen

        Support splicing screens display effect performance, compare with the same screen with diverse solutions.

  • Multi-device screen splicing

  • Multiple splicing screens effect

  • HD Display


*Interactive touch, on-site annotation

        Annotates the key information anytime, allowing you to be in your element at work. 

  • Infrared touch

  • Simultaneous reverse control

  • Electronic whiteboard

Self-R&D system

        Completely self-R&D underlying control technology 

  • High integration

  • Stable system

  • Multiple interfaces


*QR code scanning for document sharing

        Meeting minutes saved and shared via QR code scanning. 

  • QR code scan and share

  • Email sharing

  • Doc save locally


Multiple sizes for various scenarios

        Various dimensions are created to meet the diversified meeting room requirements

  • Multiple sizes

  • Various installation methods

  • Quick installation

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