MTC - C30

All-In-One Conference System

        MTC C30 is the next-generation video conferencing all-in-one device designed by Auditory Works. The product is featured with a 135° horizontal ultra-wide-angle, 12-megapixel CMOS image sensor, 4K ultra-clear video calls, as well as auditory localization, voice tracking, face detection, etc. that provide users an elegant and high-quality video conferencing experience. The built-in 5-element omnidirectional microphone array and customized wideband speaker, combined with the latest algorithms, enable flawless full-duplex two-way communication within 5 meters range.

        MTC C30 integrates the conference camera, microphones, and speaker unit, so you can wipe away the messy cables and keep your conference space neat and organized. You can even daisy-chain MTC C30 with MTC A20 for large, medium, and small meeting rooms.

135° Horizontal Ultra Wide-angle Camera to Capture Every Attendee with Clarity

        MTC C30 has a 135° horizontal ultra-wide-angle camera with a larger wide-angle than the most traditional 83-degree lens on the market with no image distortion. All conference participants can be captured and seen easily with the camera range covering every corner of the meeting room. Thanks to the 12 megapixel CMOS image sensor that enables 4K ultra-clear video calls, all details are vivid, and it feels just like an in-person meeting.

Real-time Speaker Tracking, Automatic Framing for Effcient Conference Calls

        The built-in chip in MTC C30 integrates multiple cutting-edge technologies, including face detection, auditory localization, voice tracking, etc. It can identify and track conference speakers with the latest CNN neural network AI technology and automatically zoom in to frame the best view accordingly.

AI Noise-Cancellation with Edge Computing

         MTC C30 adopts an AI model trained by thousands of hours of conference audio records. It can effectively suppress various conference room background noises, such as mouse/keyboard tapping, computer, and air-conditioner. With the AI algorithm's help, this product can minimize most indoor noise while retaining the clarity of people's voices and nature to ensure the participants' great concentrated attention.

Full-Duplex Communication Within 5 Meters Range, High Quality Conference Calls

         MTC C30 adopts an 5-element omnidirectional microphone array and customized HD speaker unit, with patented powerful algorithms, enables smart AGC and clear voice pickup with within 5 meters’ range. Full-duplex technology ensures continuous, and HD conference calls.

Daisy-Chain to MTC A20s to Expand Conference Spaces, Enjoy The Convenient Control and HD Voice

        MTC C30 works in conference rooms of various sizes, including small, medium, and large ones. By daisy-chaining up to 5 MTC A20s, now everyone in a relatively ample conference space, including up to 100 participants, can be heard clearly. Moreover, with the buttons on any MTC A20s within the daisy-chain network, users can control the whole network, including answering calls, rejecting calls, muting microphones, and modifying speaker volume.

All-in-One Collaboration, Stay Away from Mess, Setup Easily

        MTC C30 integrates a conference camera, microphone, and speaker into one device with plug & play simplified setup. With only 2 cables, you can enjoy a neat and organized conference room, without reformation nor fussy deployment.

MTC C30 Technical Specification